Aug 20, 2016

Dr. Martin Kassir had the honor of representing Worldwide Laser Institute at the ALL INDIA INSTITUTE of MEDICAL SCIENCES (AIIMS) in New Delhi, India. Dr. Kassir lectured on ENERGY BASED DEVICES: HOW THEY ALL WORK at AIIMS. As the most prestigious academic institution in Dermatology in India, AIIMS attracts the brightest minds as faculty and residents. Faculty, residents, and well known AIIMS Dermatology Chairman Dr. Vinod K Sharma all attended Dr. Kassir's lecture. Dr. VK Sharma and Dr. Kassir also serve on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Dermatology together. Dr. Kassir lectured on Lasers, Radiofrequency devices, and ultrasound based devices, their mechanisms of action, and clinical indications for each category. Dr. Kassir reviewed physics, various properties of light, current, and sound; and how these energy based devices fit into every day clinical practice. Dr. Kanika Sahni, a previous Fellow with Dr. Kassir who is now junior faculty at AIIMS also attended the presentation on Energy Based Devices. Dr. Kassir toured the Dermatology Division at AIIMS and discussed various ISD projects and goals with Dr. Sharma.

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