Apr 17, 2015

The BMLA (British Medical Laser Association) held its annual meeting in Brighton, United Kingdom APril 15th-April 17th, 2015. This Conference included a gathering of Dermatologists and multiple other specialists and industry personnel to exchange ideas about laser technology, laser procedures, clinical efficacy, and improved patient outcomes. Dr. Martin Kassir represented Worldwide Laser Institue at the BMLA Conference. Dr. Martin Kassir was Chairman of the Session SKIN APPLICATION OF LASERS AND IPL DEVICES. This session had various distinguished laser experts discuss their techniques about various lasers, including lasers for vascular lesions and lasers for tattoo removal. Dr. Martin Kassir also lectured in this session; his lecture was titled Q-SWITCH LASERS: HOW THEY REALLY WORK. Q-switch lasers are the standard in tattoo removal. As these lasers for tattoo removal are rapidly advancing, changing, and improving, there are many variables that physicians should consider before purchasing a Q-Switch Laser. Dr. Martin Kassir carefully explained the construction of a Q-Switch Laser, how the various wavelengths work for different colors, how newer devices can treat more colors, and how peak power and pulse width are important considerations with respect to clinical efficacy. Finally, Dr. Kassir reviewed clinical protocols and specifically how to treat different color tattoos, pre- and post-treatment care, contraindications, and potential side effects. Dr. Kassir also reviewed the use of Q-Switch Lasers for pigmented lesions and congenitl lesions (birthmarks), especially in dark skin (ethnic skin, Asian skin). The session overall was a great success with an active question-answer session.

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