Sep 04, 2015

Dr. Martin Kassir just lectured at the 5CC (5 Continents Congress) in Cannes, France. This beautiful location in the Côte d'Azur (South of France) was the setting for a gathering of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons from every continent to share & exchange views and to learn from one another. Dr. Kassir was Chairman of the ISD (International Society of Dermatology) Sister Society session at the 5CC, during which world experts lectured on cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kassir lectured on LASER COMPLICATIONS, teaching the audience the pitfalls of laser procedures without proper training. Various dermatologists were very interested in LASER TRAINING once they heard Dr. Kassir's lectures and realized how better laser training leads to better device choices, better outcomes, and less complications. Dr. Martin Kassir also lectured on Q-SWITCH LASERS during the general session at the 5CC. Dr. Kassir explained the mechanism of action of Q-SWITCH lasers and how they used in clinical practice for tattoo removal and for pigmented lesions. Dr. Kassir also discussed one of his areas of expertise which is lasers in dark skin.

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