Oct 03, 2015

The 7th Seminar For Dermatology, Esthetics, and Laser was held in Tehran, Iran from September 30th to October 2nd, 2015. During this Congress Dr. Martin Kassir conducted a workshop for Laser Hair Removal which included basic and advanced laser physics, practical pearls for dermatologists, and live hands on. This workshop was exclusively for Dermatologists of the Iranian Dermatological Society. After an introduction to basic laser physics, Dr. Martin Kassir reviewed more advanced laser physics as they apply to lasers for hair removal: appropriate wavelengths for melanin absorption, sufficient energy for destruction of the hair follicle, correct pulse widths to match the TRT (thermal relaxation time) of the target, ideal spot size for the location and hairs, and cooling to protect the epidermis from burns. Next there was a review of variables to look for and compare before purchasing a laser hair removal device; this part generated many questions as the audience was eager to gain every bit of knowledge before paying for a device. Finally, the attendees took turns practicing and improving their techniques after Dr. Martin Kassir first demonstrated and then assisted them in the fine details of the actual procedure with live patients. The workshop was full with standing room only! Dr. Martin Kassir also lectured during the main session of the Congress on Q-Switch Lasers: How They Really Work. Dr. Kassir reviewed the mechanism of Q-Switch Lasers, how they are effective for tattoo removal, proper technique, side effect profile, and compared various Q-Switch device and their efficacies.

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