Jul 10, 2015

Worldwide Laser Institute held its first ever Needling Course in Dallas, Texas. Needling expert and author Dr. Lance Setterfield was the Faculty for the course. The morning session consisted of an introduction to needling, followed by an advanced needling session and finally a hands on session for the students. After extensive and thorough lectures and didactic sessions about needling, Dr. Setterfield shared his methods for intial consultation with patients. Dr. Martin Kassir then taught the students the benefits of special photography both as a documentation tool and as a way to monitor clinical progress. The students were shown many before / after clinical photos of real patients after needling and needling combined with other procedures. During the hands-on session, the students observed techniques with rollers, various pens, and dermal fractional infusion therapy. Many then practiced their newly acquired techniques on Dr. Kassir and anatomic models to refine their techniques. 

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