Apr 15, 2016

Dr. Martin Kassir returned to Tehran for a special Congress of Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser 2016 which was held in conjunction with an ISD (International Society of Dermatology) Sister Society Meeting. Many ISD members who are world experts in Dermatology and Cosmetics attended this meeting to share their knowledge and expertise, enjoy Persian hospitality, and tour the many historic areas of Iran. Dr. Kassir led a tour of 20 distinguished ISD Members to Golestan Palace and the National Museum of Iran. ISD Members from multiple continents thoroughly enjoyed learning about Persian history from Cyrus the Great and antiquity to modern times! Dr. Kassir held a hands-on workshop on Laser Hair Removal in dark skin (laser hair removal in ethnic skin) to properly train dermatologists on use of various wavelengths, such as 755 nm and 1064 nm in dark skin. Specific techniques on use of lasers for hair removal were reviewed and demonstrated so the doctors could achieve better outcomes with less laser complications. During the general session, Dr. Kassir lectured on MICRONEEDLING: 7 YEARS OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE. Dr. Kassir showed his excellent clinical results from the past 7 years of microneedling at Kassir Dermatology. There were numerous before & after photos of needling for melasma, needling for scars, needling for wrinkles, needling for pigment, needling for rejuvenation, and finally infusion materials with needling. Dr. Kassir reviewed techniques & protocols for needling in the clinical setting. Proper technique for needling, length of needles, time between treatments, topicals, infusion materials, skin anatomy, and other variables were discussed in order to maximize clinical results with needling. Many physicians in the audience commented on the clincal photos and were quite interested in Dr. Kassir's techniques for needling. Dr. Kassir appeared on Iranian television to discuss the newest techniques for rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction and the best devices for darker skin patients.

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