Apr 09, 2016

Dr. Lance Setterfield conducted a two day microneedling workshop in Holland April 9-10, 2016. This was Dr. Setterfield's 4th invitation to the Derm IQ Knowledge Centre to lecture on Needling. Basics such as anatomy, physiology, and cell to cell communication were discussed on day one. Appropriate patient selection and conditions best treated with needling were extensively reviewed for the attendees. The second day consisted of a hand on section to demonstrate proper techniques of microneedling in great detail. Needling for scarring, pigmentation, and antiaging were reviewed. Dr. Setterfield demonstrated not only how he would approach a patient for needling, but critiqued individual students on their approach to patients presenting for needling. Another section titled CASE STUDIES OF COMPLICATIONS was extremely popular as the students fully appreciated the value in learnnig about pitfalls with microneedling. The attendees were fully confident after the 2 day training; in fact, post-seminar surveys reported that practioners felt knowledgable and technically competent to begin treating patients following this educational seminar!

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