Apr 21, 2015

KUWAIT DERMA UPDATE & LASER CONFERENCE took place in Kuwait from April 20th-22nd, 2015. Medical Dermatology & Lasers were extensively covered during this time. Dr. Martin Kassir had the honor of presenting the opening lecture of the conference, titled "LASER COMPLICATIONS". Dr. Kassir also commented on the other lectures, such as newer Q-Switched Lasers for tattoo removal. Dr. Martin Kassir then visited one of the hospitals where numerous laser procedures are performed, and the local dermatologists presented difficult cases and laser complications to Dr. Kassir. Dr. Kassir then advised the Kuwaiti doctors on how to proceed, which lasers to use, and how to help the patients recover from their injuries . On the second day of the conference, Dr. Martin Kasir conducted a LASER SAFETY COURSE for the attendees who had to take this course as a requirement. This course also covered LASER PHYSICS and the use, function, and optimization of various lasers (lasers for hair removal, lasers for vascular lesions, lasers for tattoo removal, lasers for skin rejuvenation and lasers for fine lines and wrinkles, and lasers for pigmented lesions.

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